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February 3rd 2015

Branding a New Region: The Tillamook Coast, Oregon

Last year, TDM was invited to develop brand and tourism strategies for Tillamook County on the acclaimed Oregon Coast. This was an extremely exciting project for us because rarely do we get an opportunity to work with a “blank piece of paper” in a region with such a wealth of...


January 26th 2015

What Was the Most Common Place Branding Advice in 2014?

Earlier this month I received an email from Ed Burghard at Strengthening Brand America. He was seeking the thoughts of people engaged in place marketing in regard to the most common branding counsel they gave communities in 2014. Ed has now published the responses in an ebook, titled 'Branding Advice...


January 15th 2015

Why are Bland Brands So Common? PART TWO

Part One appeared last week. As I mentioned in Part One, there are many reasons why destination and place brands can end up being bland and uninteresting. One of the most common causes is sometimes the weak competitive positioning on which the brand is based because of the risk-averse approach...


January 7th 2015

Why is a Bland Place Brand the Fast Path to a Non-Brand? - PART ONE

One of the great challenges for many places when it comes to place branding is to not become absolutely boring and bland in an effort to please disparate voices within the community. It’s so easy (and quicker) to just settle on the warm and fuzzy, right? The task is even...


December 28th 2014

Our Ten Top Place Branding Posts of 2014

During 2014, we covered a lot of territory within the practice of place and destination branding. Many posts included places around the world. Blogs covered many locations in the USA, as well as Australia, India, Europe, and Canada. But it was the more hands-on information involving “how tos” that recorded...


Why the TDM Team?


G'day, in addition to conducting energizing Board Retreats, our sole focus is on creating destination branding and tourism strategies that transform the tourism and economic development performance of downtowns, cities, counties and regions.


We will work with you to create a rallying point to unite your partners around your city's most competitive and distinctive identity. A TDM brand strategy sets the directions for using one look, one voice, common themes, images and words to make the place as distinctive and attractive as possible.


For decades we have been creating successful place branding strategies and tourism assessments for ambitious destination marketing organizations (DMOs), convention & visitor bureaus (CVBs), Chambers of Commerce, and government agencies and national tourism offices.




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