Small City Branding Around the World

Free e-Books on Destination Branding for Tourism Cities

A series of free e-books tackles branding issues facing destination management organization (DMO) and tourism leaders in tourism cities

What's the Best Time for City Wayfinding?

A city's branded wayfinding system should follow the city’s brand strategy, not the other way around. 

Book 10: Experiences are the Brand

A free eBook explaining the importance of tourism experience design and delivery to a city’s destination brand

Book #9: How to Bring Your City's Brand to Life

This free PDF e-book covers how to deploy a place brand through community engagement, marketing communications and experience design

e-Book #8: The Keys to Winning City Taglines

This eBook tackles how creating taglines and logos can be either a great window into the brand or a controversial lightning rod.

eBook 7: Keys to Successful City Logo Design

This e-book provides ideas and checklists for designing a city or tourism destination logo to support a place branding strategy.

eBook 6: How to Discover Your City's Most Potent Brand

The basics for starting a community branding process, including research, tourism assessment, creating brand platform and place brand strategy. 

eBook 5: How to Start Your Community Branding Project

Successful place branding is based on community-wide collaboration to capture the insights needed to reveal the strongest brand identity possible.

eBook #4: Is Your City Ready for a Brand Journey?

This free PDF eBook covers the actions needed to prepare for the support, understanding and endorsement of a community branding process.

A Toolkit for Successful Community Branding

A series tackles the issues for launching and managing a community branding initiative. Each e-book tackles a different topic related to the challenges of branding places.

eBook 3: Place Branding is Strategic and Long-term

February 22, 2018

Place branding provides a strategic framework to guide how the place can communicate, prioritize, and behave for target audiences in order to stand out and deliver value.

eBook 2: Why Bother With Small City Branding?

This is the second in a series of free PDF e-Books and covers the benefits of place branding for small cities and destinations.


Free e-Book Series on Small City Branding Released

A free eBook simplifies starting and managing a community branding project. It provides the basics on assessment, positioning, strategy and logo design

Successful Place Brands Need Some Tension

Trying to define brand positioning that everyone in the community is going to like is a sure-fire path to revealing a bland and meaningless brand. On the other hand, standing for something distinctive and meaningful will probably require a degree of sacrifice by some constituents.


Is There a Cure for Slogan Envy?

I’d love to have a dollar for every time I have heard a line like, “what we need is a slogan like ‘I Love NY’ or ‘Virginia is for Lovers”. Well, it happened again last week when I received a call from the mayor of a community in Virginia.



What's the Difference Between Branding and Marketing?

Why are some people confused about the difference between branding and marketing a city.


City Branding Takes More Than a Magic Wand

Place branding requires that objectives are clear and realistic, programs are well funded and that there is an understanding of what branding is and isn’t. This includes ensuring that no one expects a magic wand because when the brand strategy is launched, that’s when the hard work really begins.

Destination Branding Pitfalls

I used to think that positioning was the trickiest part of place and destination branding. However, I now believe that getting the RFP or Expression of Interest, scope of work and agency selection processes right in the first place are probably the most problematic and can most easily send a place branding project off the rails from the start.

Why Many Place Brands Fail

Adopting a place brand offers tremendous rewards for cities and regions if done correctly. However, sometimes these well-meaning efforts introduce levels of complexity and challenges which could easily have been avoided if leaders understood the nuances of place brand planning and were better prepared to tackle these obstacles from the start of the project.

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