Brand Discovery Lab

Do you want to harness the power of place branding through an accelerated process?

The solution may be our Brand Discovery Lab.

During an intensive 4- to 6-week period the Brand Discovery Lab delivers the basics for creating a competitive and compelling brand for small cities.

This high value, accelerated program is custom-designed for small cities wanting to harness the power of branding, but may not have sufficient time or budget for a comprehensive 7A Place Branding Blueprint.


After conducting initial community research, the TDM team will spend a week with your community visiting key locations, meeting leaders, and conducting interviews and discussion groups. During this week, we will convene two fast-paced, highly interactive Brand Discovery workshops for your leadership group. Together we will analyze research findings, brainstorm solutions and pinpoint the most potent elements to reveal your special sense of place and competitive brand.

At the end of the week, we will produce a Brand Discovery Guidebook to summarize the brand rationale, Brand Platform, messages and priority actions required to successfully activate and deploy the brand.


Among the typical inclusions are:

  • Desk Research: We review past relevant research, surveys and reports.

  • Community Perceptions Survey: We conduct online polling of constituents.

  • Presentation: We explain “The Essentials for Small City Branding Success”.

  • Charrette: We lead workshop sessions to consider competitive strengths, brand benefits, brand personality, competitive edge and positioning options.

  • Positioning: Together, we decide the most compelling value proposition to guide the brand.

  • Verbal Identity: We help you create a series of tagline options.

  • Brand Discovery Guidebook: We deliver a practical manual outlining how the brand should be creatively developed and managed.

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