Destination Brand Strategy

Our sole focus is on creating brands that transform the competitiveness of places.

We have assisted hundreds of destinations: cities, regions, states and nations to address complex branding and marketing issues. This work has led us to know what works, what doesn’t, and what gets the best results across traditional and digital media.

By joining the dots in the most unexpected ways, we are able to inspire your communications, partnerships and experience delivery. The result is an easy to follow strategic guidance system to focus key stakeholders onto the same page and lift your destination to the next level.

Without fail communities find our involvement energizing, educational, and a great unifying force. Importantly, they experience unexpected bonuses such as renewed support, revitalized relationships, and a rekindled sense of purpose - as well as a transformational brand.

A Proven System

A TDM Destination Brand Blueprint and Style Guide is highly valued because is provides the easy to use strategies, tools and designs. It spells out how your brand should be managed, conveyed and protected. The Brand Blueprint is comprised of seven essential modules:

  1. Brand Platform: This foundation highlights the distinguishing attributes of the place and forms the DNA that is at the heart of your brand.
  2. Destination Promise: This definitive statement embraces your positioning and brand benefits and will influence all future marketing and experience design.
  3. Visual and Verbal Identity Systems: Creative visual and verbal expressions of the brand including the designs, images and messaging to make the brand enticing and distinctive.
  4. Brand Deployment: We work with you to embed the brand in marketing communications and establish the on-brand actions that are essential to bring the brand to life.
  5. Brand Adoption Strategies: Outreach programs to ensure that the brand is well understood, endorsed and used by key partners and stakeholders.
  6. Brand Experience Plan: The actions to consistently deliver exceptional experiences to support your Destination Promise.
  7. Brand Action Plan: The checklists and guidelines to bring the brand to life by orchestrating outstanding communications and experiences.

Start With a Free Consultation

If you would like to know more about a Destination Branding Strategy, please contact us.  Also take advantage of a no-charge consultation to discuss your branding challenges.

To get started, please contact us or call us at 503-692-4603 (Pacific Time) for an appointment.


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