The Mankato brand summarizes the city as a compelling place rich in trails for cyclists, runners, hikers, skiers and kayakers. It has the greatest combination of local, county and state trails in Southern Minnesota. It’s also a place where enthusiasts can then unwind in a vibrant downtown offering cultural encounters such as headliner concerts, theatre, music, visual arts, and lively night entertainment.

The tagline, “Now Playing” and logo capture Mankato’s charm as a bike-friendly, small city with enriching cultural encounters which are reflected in the design style and color pallet.

The strategy identified where enhancements to downtown business mix, placemaking, wayfinding, cross-selling, and historical interpretation would enhance the experiences of visitors. The visual identity captures the active outdoor experience through artistic expression using vibrant colors and a fun, contemporary style. This is expressed through wayfinding concepts, banners and placemaking to welcome cyclists.

Several styles of retail apparel were designed to appeal to a broad range of customers from conservative professionals to the casual athletes.

Visual communication devices were designed to help market the new brand. These included trade show displays and printed marketing collateral.

From branded merchandise to business stationary, the Mankato brand is repeated in a consistent manner to help establish memorable brand recognition and strong brand equity.

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