TDM teamed up with Great Destination Strategies and Axia Creative to develop a new brand for Sitka, Alaska. The team considered Sitka's mixed heritage which included the native Tlinget people and the more recent Russian settlers in the late 1700s. These two cultural flavors were combined with the prominence of the local arts into a representational "Art Meets Wild" brand. The resulting logo includes a stylized font treatment that borrows form elements from the totemic designs with a hint of Russian character.

Versions of the logo are paired with a raven graphic plucking the dot of the i as seen in native designs which represent Tlinget legends of the raven capturing the sun in its beak.

Graphic concepts for a community smart phone app and a city vehicle were included among several branded interpretations.

Along with the proposed concepts were branded merchandise such as this.

An important part of the project was the design and implementation of a pedestrian wayfinding program to help visitors navigate through the downtown.

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