Tillamook County OR is a large county on the Oregon Coast that includes vast unspoiled beaches, four bays, nine rivers, dramatic seastacks, three National Wildlife Refuges, six County Parks and ten State Parks. TDM and Axia Creative were engaged to develop a place branding strategy to guide the unified marketing of Tillamook County as a unified destination for the first time. Additionally, because of the past marketing focus on individual communities, the Tillamook County name was not widely recognized as a tourism destination.

Our comprehensive methodology involved extensive stakeholder outreach, consumer research, the simultaneous creation of a brand strategy and a tourism development strategy, a new name for the region and the introduction of a new destination marketing organization (DMO).

The Tillamook Coast brand positioning is centered on the region having Oregon’s most diverse and varied marine and rainforest environments, all in close proximity to low-key beachfront villages. The Tillamook Coast brand is summarized in the tagline: “It’s the natural choice.” This highlights how the region stands apart from its more urbanized and busy competitors.

The strategy introduces a new name for the region, the Tillamook Coast. This name directly ties the region to the famed Oregon Coast and presents it as an evocative destination. The brandmark has been inspired by the region’s distinctive seastack formations. As part of the brand visual identity, concepts for regional gateway and directional signage were also designed to project the area’s new identity as a region.

A companion to the brand strategy, The Tillamook Coast Tourism 2025 Strategy was created to align the Tillamook Coast brand promise with its experience delivery.

Templates were designed so that local graphic designers could update monthly publications or create new materials that represented the Tillamook brand consistently.

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