Why Many Place Brands Fail

Adopting a place brand offers tremendous rewards for cities and regions if done correctly. However, sometimes these well-meaning efforts introduce levels of complexity and challenges which could easily have been avoided if leaders understood the nuances of place brand planning and were better prepared to tackle these obstacles from the start of the project.

Many city branding projects get off to a great start with lots of publicity and energy, only to soon run out of steam. Their momentum starts to lag, fresh ideas are not as frequent, designs start to miss their mark, politics and self-interest intervene and suddenly the brand has faded, is confused, and becomes very vague to customers and stakeholders. Unfortunately, some even falter during the initial planning stages.

There are many issues that contribute to a failed city brand. An article in our Library (Why City Brands Run out of Steam - And Why Yours Doesn't Have To) highlights some of the common challenges that can contribute to brand hangovers and failures and hopefully can help you avoid them.

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