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Specialists in branding small cities and destinations

The TDM team has decades of experience developing compelling and beloved brands for small cities and counties across America and around the world.

We specialize in crafting brand strategies and brand management systems that transform the destination marketing and economic development performance of small cities and regions.

We excel at simplifying branding and unifying communities behind one powerful brand idea to communicate one message, one voice and one look.

We can assist your city through our:

7A Destination Branding Blueprint

Brand Discovery Week

Schedule a free consultation and let’s explore how we can assist you.


Destination Branding for Small Cities

 Our best-selling book, Destination Branding for Small Cities, cuts through the theory, advertising-speak, and jargon to simplify the branding of cities and regions for improved tourism, economic development, and city image. It provides real-world examples, as well as affordable, proven tools, templates, and checklists to help breathe life into small city branding and marketing.

Buy it at Amazon.com.


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