7A Destination Branding Blueprint

The 7A Destination Branding Blueprint is a systematic and proven brand management system that’s designed specifically to meet the special needs and challenges of branding small cities and regions. Importantly, it builds the brand from the inside out through a consultative approach that engages thorough research and local stakeholders throughout.

The Blueprint takes you way beyond a logo and tagline and results in a comprehensive, high quality brand toolkit to lift the marketing of your city to new levels. This ensures that the actions of staff and partners are consistently and accurately aligned with the brand.  Participants find the 7A process to be an energizing, educational, and unifying experience.

What’s Involved in a Destination Branding Blueprint?

There are six essential modules that make up the Blueprint process:

  1. Brand Research: Over a dozen research studies are conducted and summarized in a Research Fieldwork Report.
  2. Brand Strategy: Together, we pinpoint your city’s ideal positioning and reveal your special DNA, brand strengths, personality, emotional benefits and key experiences to guide marketing and relevant City programs
  3. Visual Identity: We design a comprehensive brand graphics kit including a distinctive brandmark, color pallet and design concepts to creatively express the brand
  4. Brand Messaging: Inspired by the brand, we craft tagline options, brand stories, and key messages to connect with key audiences
  5. Brand Action Plans: A detailed action plan demonstrates how to accurately and consistently embed the brand in strategies, marketing and product development programs.
  6. Brand Coaching: Throughout we conduct regular brand coaching sessions for staff to show how to creatively and accurately deploy and champion the brand


Typically, six months depending on the level of research and frequency of stakeholder consultation

What are the Benefits of the Destination Branding Blueprint?

  • A team of internationally respected experts to lead the process
  • A proven system for successfully branding places
  • A comprehensive brand strategy and high-quality brand toolkit
  • A strategic focus based on the city’s competitive identity
  • Adopt actions to address a dated, bland or inaccurate image
  • Improve focus, consistency and resonance for city marketing


Here are some examples of our past place branding strategy assignments for cities and regions.

Why it Makes a Difference?

You will be armed with improved targeting, pin point positioning, stronger brand messages and stories to hit customer hot buttons, innovative experience design ideas, wayfinding and new ways to capitalize on the co-operative energy and resources of partners. Altogether it adds up to an improved ROI on your city's marketing investments through increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Start With a Free Consultation

If you would like to know more about a 7A Destination Branding Blueprint, please contact us.  Also take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your branding questions.

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