One Day Brand Retreat

This energizing and stimulating Retreat features discussions and interactive workshops to jump start your brand planning. It address the critical issues for revealing  a compelling and competitive brand for the city.

A One-Day City Brand Retreat is custom-designed to get your leadership team onto the same page to commence your brand journey. We simplify destination branding - what it is, its benefits, how it works, spotlight the steps for success and uncover key issues specific to your city. This includes an exploration of your brand strengths and challenges, and the critical marketing issues and barriers to be addressed.

We conclude the day with an in-depth briefing and Q&A session with senior executives to share observations and discuss ideas for addressing brand and city image related issues.


The Retreat takes one day, plus pre-event research and preparation.

What’s Included in a Brand Retreat?

  • Market Research: Before arrival, we familiarize ourselves with your current market situation and the environment in which the city is competing
  • Reconnaissance: On arrival, we explore the city to familiarize ourselves with the community
  • Workshops: During the Retreat we conduct several sessions to explore brand issues, opportunities and possible solutions
  • Summary Report: We provide a transcript of the sessions.
  • Debriefing: Discussions with community leaders to explore brand issues and advice on possible solutions

What are the Benefits of a Brand Retreat?

  • A team of internationally respected experts to lead the process
  • Introduces a thorough understanding of place branding and its benefits
  • Lifts confidence to commence your brand planning process
  • Examines the critical issues involved in branding your city
  • Identifies the key elements likely to shape your brand


Here are some examples of our past branding assignments for cities and regions.

Why it Makes a Difference?

This Retreat provides impetus to start a small city branding project where partners didn’t understand branding or there was uncertainty regarding the most effective way to proceed.

Start With a Free Consultation

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