Downtown Oregon City (Oregon)

Brand Coaching 

Oregon City is located on the Willamette River near the southern limits of the Portland metropolitan area. It was established in 1829 by the Hudson's Bay Company, in 1844 it became the first U.S. city west of the Rocky Mountains to be incorporated. 

The Challenge 

Downtown Oregon City is undergoing resurgence and is emerging from decades of malaise.  The area is in transition from an old mill town to a new creative center. But the downtown area had no clear identity. Tourism and economic development marketing were fragmented or considered “old school” with an emphasis on the history of the city.  The Downtown Association did not have sufficient budget to engage a firm to manage the branding process, so engaged TDM to provide oversight and coaching services during their brand planning. 


Downtown Oregon City is the rallying point for adventure, food & wine, and heritage tourists in Clackamas County. It is an important heritage destination and offers attractions such as Willamette Falls, and sites at the end of the Oregon Trail.  It is considered a must-see of Portland-area tourists.  

As part of the rebranding effort, Main Street Oregon City Inc. changed its name to the Downtown Oregon City Association to better align with the most commonly used name for the district. “Changing the name of our organization isn’t something that we take lightly. We believe the new name is easier to understand and nods to the hundreds of stakeholders that make our work possible,” said Stone, the Main Street Director. 

The positioning is based on Downtown Oregon City’s small-town character within the Portland Metro. The brand was centered on nostalgia, Oregon pride, relaxation, and quality experiences in a historically and architecturally interesting district beside the Willamette River. 

Visual Identity and Tagline 

The tagline “Oregon’s First Main Street” alludes to the district being Oregon’s first incorporated city.  The visual identity was created by Brewhouse Agency and is based on traditional industrial typefaces that were common during the days of the city’s waterfront mill. 


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