Durham, North Carolina

Durham is a colorful, creative, and entrepreneurial community and is the proud home of Research Triangle Park, Duke and North Carolina Central universities.

The Challenge

Many of the brand elements used by the Durham CVB including the logo had been in use for sixteen years. The identity and positioning of the city lacked clarity. Despite having internationally recognized strengths and achievements, they were not always associated with Durham nor were there common or unified messages being communicated by city partners.


The Durham brand positioning is founded on Durham being a place where diverse and passionate people come together to shape a better world, and a place that visitors, residents, students and businesses find enriching, accepting, and engaging. It’s a place where talented and passionate people invent cures for a host of diseases, artists achieve fame, designers craft thrilling new spaces, educators awaken impressionable young minds, and events of national significance occur.

Brand Solutions

The overarching Durham brand strategy provides a unifying and strategic framework through which all stakeholders can present Durham in a consistent and compelling way. The brand challenges people to take a fresh look at Durham because it’s a place where talented idealists are inspired to make great things happen. The brand has proven to be sustainable and scalable in how it has remained relevant to Durham after a decade and is still at the core of their positioning and marketing.

Durham is an incredibly complex place. Bill Baker and TDM were the perfect fit. They were patient and listened. They fearlessly but patiently told us what we didn't want to hear. They were flexible and willing to submit hours of workshops and interviews to verification by scientific polling. They were able to listen and distill the essence of a community from hundreds of people.”
Shelly Green, CEO Durham CVB

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