Eugene, Cascades & Coast (Oregon)

This is a large region comprising eight cities and embraces the Cascade Mountains, the McKenzie River Valley, stretches of the famed Oregon Coast, and the Willamette Valley.

 The Challenge

The County had been marketed using the tagline “See all of Oregon in Lane County” which had resulted in weak positioning because it lacked a single unifying and distinctive proposition. Additionally, the organization name, The Convention & Visitors Bureau of Lane County Oregon, was not known, even by local stakeholders. After using the name “Lane County” as the destination name for fifteen years, the name was not resonating with key audiences, greater message clarity and a stronger focus on experiences was needed.


TDM research validated the strength of the county in offering Oregon’s greatest variety of easily accessible nature-based adventure activities.

New Names

The name of the region was changed to “Eugene, Cascades & Coast” to reflect the three well-known sub-regions. The DMO became “Travel Lane County”.

Brand Solutions

The tagline “Real Adventures. Real Close.” captures the variety and ready availability of adventure activities throughout the region. The strategy provided more focused on marketing messages and directions for new products development. Visitor Readiness Reports were created by TDM for eight cities within the region to optimize their tourism performance and to ensure alignment with the regional brand. A new Adventure and Information Center was opened off busy I-5 to act as a portal for the region’s adventure operators, and to introduce the brand to visitors.

“TDM’s thorough consumer research and consultation enabled us to engage our stakeholders when defining our positioning and strategy in a way that would have been difficult to unilaterally announce. We were able to smoothly introduce a new name for the region and align our region’s products and messages, resulting in an experiential approach for promoting the region as opposed to a geographic focus.”
Kari Westlund, President Travel Lane County

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