Hudson County, New Jersey

Hudson County is comprised of twelve authentic, vibrant and creative municipalities with dozens multi-cultural neighborhoods as we as some the great American icons of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. This rich tapestry of cultures can be experienced within minutes of Manhattan where there are bustling market streets, proud independent storekeepers, amazing events and colorful festivals, exotic eateries, and trendy bars.

The Challenge

The Tourism Division had been using ‘Gateway to America’ since it was first introduced as a logo and tagline in 1991. There was the need for a more current, inclusive and readily understood brand identity.

Brand Audit

The brand strategy was revealed after considerable research, analysis, and consultation. The process started with a brand audit which involved interviews with a wide range of government, nonprofit and business stakeholders. This strategy was developed following a comprehensive public opinion survey and extensive site inspections.


The positioning is founded on the county being home to immigrants from around the world as well as the icons of American immigration, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Brand Solutions

The brand strategy streamlined messaging to resonate with target audiences through a content marketing strategy. The Hudson County Brand is visually represented by the mosaic graphic which symbolizes the harmonious integration of the county’s cultural diversity. The destination descriptor for Hudson County is: “Celebrate America’s Mosaic.”


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