Janesville, Wisconsin

Janesville is a small city in Southern Wisconsin that is undergoing extensive redevelopment of downtown and the riverfront. It’s known as Wisconsin’s park place for good reason. It has 64 improved parks, as well as boat launches, golf courses, and nature trails.

The Challenge

Janesville did not have clear positioning for tourism audiences or a unifying message for destination and economic development marketing.


Brand Audit

The brand audit started with a brand retreat with the CVB Board and staff, and community leaders.  An outreach program engaged residents and partners through interviews, workshops, and a local public opinion survey. To gauge consumer perceptions research was conducted in Rockford IL to assess target audience insights and attitudes toward Janesville.


Janesville’s overarching brand architecture is founded on the brand essence, “Year-round fun outdoors”.  The heart of the Janesville brand is the city’s acclaimed parks and trails systems, and the vast range of accessible outdoor activities that can be pursued year-round.

Brand Solutions

Janesville nature-based recreational experiences and sense of place form the DNA of the brand that is ever-present no matter whether it is for addressing tourism, economic development or community audiences. The brand provides guidance for brand messaging, as well as increased focus on product development with a more experiential focus introducing new outdoor activities and businesses to support the brand.


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