Louisiana's Bayou Country

Terrebonne Parish is located in southern, coastal Louisiana. The main city is Houma. The region is often referred to as the heart of coastal Louisiana and for good reason. It’s a watery wonderland with six major bayous, numerous waterways, several lakes and access to the Gulf of Mexico.

 The Challenge

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was devastating to local businesses, particularly those related to tourism and sport fishing. The City required a branded approach to focus messaging and provide an identity system for communications and wayfinding.


Extensive research and analysis resulted in the brand positioning based on the Cajun culture influenced by the extensive system of waterways and bayous, and one of America’s most productive wetlands areas. The bayous have shaped everything about the area, from its cultures and lifestyle to its recreational opportunities.

Brand Solutions

The brand based on “Louisiana’s Bayou Country” puts Terrebonne Parish on the map as THE place for definitive bayou and Cajun experiences. The brand strategy included the design, content management, messaging and the design and deployment of a comprehensive Parish wayfinding system. It also inspired the visual identity and communications to project the inter-related brands for the Parish, City of Houma, Houma Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and regional wayfinding.


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