Dupont, WA

Visitor Readiness Report

DuPont (8,200) is south of Seattle and has a history that dates back several thousand years. Local attractions include the site of Fort Nisqually (1833) which was established by the Hudson's Bay Company and Native American middens dating back several thousand years. The community became the company town for The DuPont Company where it manufactured dynamite and other explosives. 

The Challenge

Seattle, Olympia and Tacoma residents can choose from many delightful small towns that currently offer more compelling visitor experiences than DuPont. The objective was to identify low cost opportunities to enhance the appeal of the city as a place to visit.

VRR Plan

Site inspections and interviews revealed that for the city to become a more formidable competitor it must strengthen access and interpretation of its historical and cultural experiences. The major allocation of resources should be on “getting the product right”.

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