Florence OR

Visitor Readiness Report

Florence is a coastal destination in Lane County at the intersection of Oregon’s coastal highway 101 and Highway 126, linking the city to Eugene and the Interstate 5 to the east.

The Challenge

Florence enjoyed recognition as a destination on the Oregon Coast, yet despite its very attractive Old Town, dramatic coastal scenery, wildlife and abundant recreational opportunities it is not as well-known as many other cities along the Coast. Additionally, visitors may not readily comprehend the range of options that Florence has to offer.


The recommendations in the VRR were created after research, site visits, and consultation with local stakeholders. The VRR recommended key experience themes to focus future development and marketing investments. The themes were coastal adventures, coastal getaways, events and natural wonders.

The Florence VRR identified simpler ways to present Florence by focusing on three precincts 1. Historic Old Town and River, 2. Sea Lion Caves and 3. Heceta Head Lighthouse.  These precincts provide the greatest density of high quality visitor experiences, and simplify the presentation of the area’s attractions. The VRR contained 94 recommendations relating to marketing, product development, placemaking, information and signage.

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