Downtown Snohomish WA

Visitor Readiness Report

The historic business and residential center of Snohomish (9,000) is the Snohomish Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Downtown hosts over 30 tempting specialty shops, 25 restaurants and taverns, and 13 spas and salons. But it is best known for its 175 antique dealers making it the Antique Capital of the Northwest.

The Challenge

Historic Downtown Snohomish has developed a strong identity through its many outlets for antiques. In recent years the number of antique outlets in the city has declined and many stakeholders are expressing concern as to whether the positioning on the basis of antique stores is still appropriate or sustainable.


The site inspections and research led to a VRR action plan that included outreach to antiques dealers, development of historic attractions to better tell the story of the community, the introduction of improved wayfinding and interpretive signage, and the development of stronger links to the river. The Visitor Readiness Report contained over ninety recommendations to enhance the city’s tourism performance.


The number of antique dealers in downtown has stabilized and visitor numbers are increasing. Importantly, visitors are spending extra time in the downtown area

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