Tillamook Coast, OR

Asset Mapping, Destination Audit, Tourism Development Strategy,

The county has a population of 25,250 with a scenic coastline that includes many wide beaches, four bays, nine rivers and four National Wildlife Refuges. The region has eight main cities which had presented themselves as individual destinations.

The Challenge

Tillamook County had passed legislation to introduce a lodging tax to present the county as a unified destination. The County did not have a regional approach to tourism marketing, nor did it have a regional tourism management organization. There was the need for a comprehensive tourism development plan to identify the strategies, actions and tools to unify all cities and stakeholders for successful tourism development to achieve the County’s tourism goals.


TDM conducted a Destination Audit and Tourism Asset Mapping to identify the County’s tourism strengths and prioritize the best and most marketable assets. It also identified future priorities for marketing investment and experience development initiatives. The result was Tourism 2025 which is a tourism masterplan which provides recommendations relative to branding, infrastructure development, experience design, marketing, tourism management and other issues. The plan outlined the need for the region to adopt sustainable tourism practices to safeguard and enhance the Tillamook Coast’s environmental, economic, cultural and social well-being.


The strategy was launched in September 2014. Since then the destination marketing organization responsible for the implementation of Tourism 2025, called Visit Tillamook Coast (VTC), has been constituted. An executive director has been appointed and a new name for the region, the Tillamook Coast activated along with initial marketing communications programs. An integral component of Tourism 2025 is a comprehensive brand strategy.

The brand was introduced in September 2014 and has quickly established a strong identity and positioning for the region. During the first-year lodging receipts and net transient lodging tax revenue saw an increase of 10% increase.

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