Washington County OR

Destination Audit, Tourism Development Strategy

Washington County is the second most populous county in Oregon. It is a large region to the immediate south-west of Portland.

The Challenge

While the county has boutique wineries, outstanding sporting amenities, wildlife preserves, excellent tax-free shopping and high-quality golf courses, its tourism performance did not match other nearby destinations. TDM was engaged to develop a tourism master plan to address product, management, marketing and visitor experience issues.

TDM Strategy

Tourism 2015 set an ambitious, but highly achievable vision for tourism in Washington County and provided innovative approaches for making it a reality. It was designed builds on the foundation created by corporate business travel to introduce new tourism products and embrace new markets to provide a more balanced tourism portfolio.

The focus was on high yield, niche markets, which can expand the recreational and leisure opportunities for both residents and visitors.


  • The strategy resulted in a 2% increase in the lodging tax rate dedicated to tourism, a revision of the management structure for tourism in the county, and the introduction of product partnerships to stimulate development of lucrative niche markets
  • Visitation rose 36% between 2008 and 2013 which is faster than the projected rate in the strategy
  • The County is now marketed as “Tualatin Valley”.
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