Wilsonville OR

Destination Audit, Tourism Development Strategy

Wilsonville (21,550 pop.) is a fast-growing city south of Portland on the Willamette River. Wilsonville serves as the dual gateway between the urbanized Portland metro area to the north and the rich agricultural lands of the Willamette Valley to the south. The city attracts visitors because of its shopping, equestrian, farm, outdoor recreation, family entertainment, wine, sports tournaments and as an ideal base for exploring the region.


The City of Wilsonville required a Tourism Development Strategy to provide guidance for directing future efforts aimed at increasing tourism within the community, particularly for overnight stays.


The strategy identified that tourism in Wilsonville is entering a new era that will be characterized by the introduction of new attractors, events, infrastructure and innovative digital marketing. This will require the City of Wilsonville to establish new goals, responsibilities and strategies. 

The strategy provided tourism visioning and mission statements. A destination audit presented a clear understanding of the community’s tourism assets and the opportunities for growth. It provided directions for investing in its tourism, meetings, leisure and recreation strengths to provide compelling year-round experiences. The strategy was also designed to build Wilsonville’s market share, revenue, employment and new business opportunities. Particular focus was given to horse tourism and river recreation.


The strategy was launched in June 2014. The City of Wilsonville has commenced implementation of the tourism strategy.

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