Tukwila, Washington

Tukwila is a small city, just south of Seattle. It has entered a new era that is characterized by rapid expansion of retail, restaurants and family entertainment, as well as housing in the popular Southcenter District. It also has representation from cultures from around the world and is the hub of multi-culturalism in the Seattle area

 The Challenge

Amid its rapid growth, required clear positioning, messaging for target audiences, a visual identity system and a path for developing as a tourism destination.

Brand Audit

A comprehensive outreach strategy engaged residents, business and community leaders and external customers through interviews, workshops, online and telephone research. Extensive consumer research was conducted in the Greater Seattle region to gauge perceptions toward Tukwila, several competitors and opportunities for future growth.


The brand is centered on Tukwila offering the greatest concentration of affordable shopping, along with abundant dining, family fun, sports, and opportunities for experiential entertainment in the Northwest.

Brand Solutions

The brand provides a unifying framework for the City of Tukwila, Seattle Southside and partners to present Tukwila in a consistent and compelling voice as an attractive place to visit.




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