Yakima Valley, Washington

The Yakima Valley comprises five cities and is one of the nation’s largest producers of agricultural crops. It provides more than one-third of the wine in Washington State. The region is home to five American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), more than 70 wineries, over one-third of the state’s vineyards.

The Challenge

The Yakima Valley was not functioning as a coherent region and inconsistent marketing messages did not contribute to a positive destination image. It had a relatively low self-image, there was no specific competitive positioning and many of the cities and key partners believed that the VCB was too Yakima-centric (i.e. the city).


The region’s positioning is based on having the greatest number of Wine Country and farm fresh visitor experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Brand Solutions

The Yakima Valley now has a strong brand that is a rallying point for a region that has not consistently presented itself in a unified manner. The result is increased focus, cooperation and a growth in visitors that has exceeded the state average. The brand has proven to be sustainable and scalable. It has provided the foundation for product development, innovative digital communications and as a catalyst for the introduction for craft beers, innovative cuisine and live music.

“TDM is a professional operation that does great work. I have worked with them in two communities and each time they hit the destination brand on the nail. TDM has one of the best destination branding processes around. They are thorough, professional, sensitive to community dynamics and get the job done. If you're thinking of using them I have just two words: do it!”
John Cooper
Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau

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