eBook 2: Why Bother With Small City Branding?

We have released the second in a series of PDF e-Books. This week, we look at the benefits of branding for small cities and destinations.

Places of all sizes find themselves competing more fiercely for attention, relevance, and economic wellbeing.  Visitors, new residents and investors have an abundance of places from which they can choose. Perceptions, whether accurate or not, are the reality for those who may be searching for a place to visit, study, invest, or relocate.

A few of the subjects we cover this week are:

  • What Are the Benefits of a Brand Strategy?
  • What is a +brand strategy?
  • Is There a Gap?
  • Is It Time for a Brand Strategy?
  • What’s Your Vision?
  • It Takes Way More Than a Logo
  • City Image = Income and Jobs

You can register to receive the series here.

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