eBook 6: How to Discover Your City's Most Potent Brand

We have released the sixth in our series of free PDF e-Books on the basics for successful community branding.

This edition explains how to go about defining your community’s brand that will resonate with external audiences, unify local stakeholders and give competitors headaches. It explains how to uncover the city’s most competitive and meaningful market position, how to assess the competitive position that it needs to occupy in the future. We also consider that the best positioning for external audiences, may not always make sense to local constituents. This week we tackle:

  • Who are you, really?
  • The brand audit and tourism assessment
  • What's the best branding process?
  • What needs to be researched?
  • How to determine your most competitive positioning
  • A checklist for power positioning
  • What’s in your brand’s engine room?

You can register to receive the series here.

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