A Toolkit for Successful Community Branding

The world is littered with failed branding efforts on behalf of nations, cities and regions. Developing a sustainable place brand offers tremendous rewards if done correctly. However, these well-meaning efforts often stumble into confusion and encounter pitfalls which could easily have been avoided if leaders had understood the unexpected nuances involved in branding branding places. They don’t recognize that it’s somewhat different to branding privately held enterprises and products, until it’s too late. Or they mistakenly believe that their brand is a logo, tagline or theme for a communications campaign.

Many city branding projects get off to a great start with a lot of publicity and energy, only to soon run out of steam. There are many issues that may contribute to these failed brands. After decades of hands on experience in branding places, TDM has released a series of free PDF e-books titled ‘Branding Small Cities’. 

The series tackles many of the issues facing tourism leaders and government officials when launching and managing a branding initiative. Each e-book is a hands-on toolkit that tackles a different topic related to destination branding of places. The series covers:

  1. Introduction to small city and place branding
  2. Why bother with branding cities?
  3. Why does city branding need a strategic and long-term focus?
  4. What’s needed for a city’s brand journey?
  5. How should you manage your community branding process?
  6. How can you reveal your city’s most potent brand positioning?
  7. What are the secrets to a successful logo design?
  8. What are the keys to winning taglines?
  9. How do you deploy a destination brand?
  10. What is branded wayfinding for cities and destinations?

While the series is titled ‘Branding Small Cities’ the ideas and advice can be just as readily applied to regions, counties, scenic byways, Main Streets, heritage districts, suburbs, destinations and neighborhoods – and even states and nations.

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