How to Avoid Being Anytown USA

The cost of a bland, outdated or inaccurate city image is lost jobs and income. For ambitious cities creating a positive brand identity is not an option. It’s essential.

In this thought-provoking session, Bill demonstrates why so many city brands unnecessarily fail, become mired in controversy or just run out of steam. Bill contends that many are on the wrong track from the start and are therefore doomed to mediocrity. Some were predestined to fail before the brand planning process even started. He presents valuable tips and ideas that any city branding and implementation process can employ to keep it on the right track.

Bill addresses the opportunities and pitfalls that cities experience every week in branding, and suggests practical ideas, time-tested techniques and solutions for successfully branding places of all sizes. Attendees will learn:

  • The seven deadly sins that cause place brands to fail.
  • The essentials for successful brand planning and implementation.
  • How to keep the brand customer-focused and not distracted by vocal locals.
  • How to optimize stakeholder buy-in, encourage brand adoption and minimize controversy.
  • Which places are getting it right - and which aren’t?
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