Yes! Branding Does Matter More Than Ever

Every now and again we hear that brands are irrelevant because of the dominance of social media and user generated content. Today’s destination customers seem to be always online, sometimes multi-screening with devices that interact with each other.  It’s a world where speed, choice and expectations have morphed, and marketing is no longer a one-way dictate from organizations.  Some say that branding is dead. Some also say city branding is dead because they tried and failed.

During this session, Bill explains that while the Digital Age has bought many new tools and opportunities. He illustrates how the fundamentals and principles of branding haven’t changed, but marketing and brand management have been transformed.

This is an excellent session is for places wanting to be sure that their city’s marketing is founded on a solid strategic foundation and is embracing the best practices of place branding, as well as the myriad digital opportunities open to them.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why your brand should be your strategic foundation!
  • You have a brand, but is it the one you want?
  • Why do some city brands fail?
  • What’s the role of your brand in the Digital Age?
  • How can you manage a brand in a world of user generated content?
  • What’s the role of brand experiences?
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