The Ground Rules for Small City Tourism Success

They may be no-brainers, but it’s amazing how many cities and towns spend scarce resources on marketing to attract tourism and economic development customers, yet at the same time are leaking income and marketing dollars out the “back door”.

During this session, Bill shares years of practical experience and explains how small cities, towns and regions can use simple, cost-effective techniques and ideas to attract more income, halt leaking dollars, boost customer satisfaction, and increase local prosperity, all the while conserving their valuable marketing funds.

This session is specifically designed for rural communities wanting to build a stronger reputation, increase visitor spending, and generate a better ROI from tourism. The session includes:

  • How can small cities stop leaking tourism dollars – this weekend?
  • What is the easiest way for most tourism destinations to attract more visitors?
  • What are the three greatest threats to small city tourism?
  • Why are most small cities and towns wasting money on tourism advertising?
  • What is the best source of future visitors for most communities?
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