Building Winning Destinations

Here are some of the downtowns, cities, and regions where we have worked to improve their economic development performance through tourism. The approaches taken range from basic Visitor Readiness Reports to comprehensive Tourism Master Plans.







Tourism Case Studies

Tillamook Coast, OR

A tourism master plan for the Tillamook Coast identified priorities for optimal destination ROI and performance.

Florence OR

The Visitor Readiness Report provided the basic tourism actions that Florence OR should initiate.


Rockland County NY

The Rockland County Visitor Readiness Report identified basic actions required for the County to improve its tourism performance.

Oakridge, Oregon

The Oakridge Visitor Readiness Report provided basic actions needed to improve destination development performance.

Washington County OR

The tourism master plan for Washington County presented the priorities for destination development.

Wilsonville OR

The Wilsonville Tourism Strategy established priorities for tourism development in the city.

Downtown Snohomish WA

The Snohomish Visitor Readiness Report identified actions for the downtown to improve tourism development performance.

Dupont, WA

A Visitor Readiness Report created for Dupont WA identified the basic actions the City needed to take to improve tourism.

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